Travel Texas and See Everything This Great State Has to Offer

Posted By on April 15, 2017

Texas is huge! Have you ever lived in Texas? You may have seen the ‘Travel Texas’ commercials and all there is to do there. It is a state that offers just about everything by default just based on its size. Make no mistake about it though, it’s not just the size of Texas that is appealing, but its culture. I lived in South Texas for nine years, so let me tell you a little about what you can expect to find there.

I lived in Seguin, Texas. My favorite bug city in Texas is Houston, and my favorite smaller, more rural city in the state is Lockhart. I went to school in San Marcos at Texas State University. New Braunfels is also one of my favorite cities or towns. There is so much German heritage there, and if you are ever in that area, you need to stop by Gruene.

Of course you can’t start touring Texas without trying to stop by Austin, the state’s capital city. Austin is a great place to have some fun, and so is San Antonio. Dallas and the Fort Worth are is also a fun place to be, and you will find so much to do there. Then there is also the coast. Have you heard of Corpus Christi?

If you think that is all the corners of Texas, think again. You still haven’t ventured anywhere near West Texas, and by the way, the city of West is another good place to visit. I was speaking of West Texas as in the western corner of Texas though, and then you also want to venture north of Dallas into some of the beautiful cities up there. You can spend a lifetime traveling Texas and all it has to offer, or you can decide to call Texas home like I did for awhile.

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