Here Are Some of the Finest Restaurants in Fort Worth Texas

Posted By on April 15, 2017

Fort Worth was mentioned in our Travel Texas article, and now it is time to take you by some of the finest restaurants in that city. If you’re not familiar with Fort Worth, we are smack dab in the middle of Texas in the Dallas area, and boy are you going to find some good food. Texas in general is known for so many things when it comes to food, including barbecue and Mexican cuisine. Let’s get to looking at the best that Fort Worth has to offer.

The Capital Grille is an outstanding restaurant, but we are skipping it because it is in many major cities. Yes, it is a chain restaurant that manages to make it to the top or near the top of the rankings in many cities. Velvet Taco is the #2 ranked restaurant according to a top travel site, and you can find that restaurant on West 7th Street. Tacos, tater tots, shrimp and grits and much more await you at Velvet Taco. Don’t forget to order that queso as an appetizer.

The next top restaurant in Fort Worth is Texas De Brazil, which is a fine establishment. Yet, we are going to move on to the next listing, which is Del Frisco’s on Main Street. Steak, calamari, salads and more are on the menu there. Reviews talk about a lemon cake that is supposed to be very delicious, too.

Let’s visit one more top restaurant in Fort Worth. It is Terra Mediterranean Grill. This restaurant is located on Crockett Street, and saffron chicken is one of its menu highlights. Now you know some great places to eat while you are in Fort Worth, Texas. There are over 1300 restaurants in the area, so you can take these top picks to the bank. Enjoy your Texas meals!